Le Retour d'Ulysse, No. 1

Title: Le Retour d'Ulysse, No. 1
Translated Title: 
The Return of Ulysses, No. 1
The Return of Ulysses, No. 1 (five parts), adapted by Mr. Jules Lemaitre of the Academie Francaise from Homer's Odyssey. Members of the Comedie Francaise: Mme Bartet - Penelope, Mr. A. Lambert - Antinous, Mr. Paul Mounet - Ulysses, Mr. Delaunay - the Grand Priest. Ulysses, legendary King of Ithaca, who left for the War of Troy, has not been seen in twenty years, and was considered dead. His wife Penelope remained faithful to him and turned away the suitors who desired the throne of Ithaca. - Princess, wisdom counsels you to choose a husband from the grand princes of Dulichium, Same and Zachynth. - By the grace of Apollo, my son Telemachus must reign Ithaca one day. - No! … No! … I do not abandon my hope of seeing my dear Ulysses return one day. - Since I must, I shall choose once I finish weaving this tapestry. Penelope, daring neither to accept a marriage she would abhor, nor to reject it, resorted to this ruse. Watch more in No. 2.
Series Title: 
Le Retour d'Ulysse
Translated Series Title: 
The Return of Ulysses
Series Subtitle: 
The Return of Ulysses