Le Retour d'Ulysse, No. 4

Title: Le Retour d'Ulysse, No. 4
Translated Title: 
The Return of Ulysses, No. 4
The Return of Ulysses, No. 4 (continuation). The spectacle Ulysses saw upon returning to his palace confirmed his suspicions. - Recognize me Eumaeus, it is me , Ulysses, your King, tell me, what this disorder means, speak! - Divine Ulysses! … punish the insolent ones who, angry about rejection from the Queen, sacked your palace. The Grand Priest introduced the princes to the trial proposed by the Queen, who was also its reward. - He who shall know to pull the bow of Ulysses shall be the spouse of Penelope and ruler over Ithaca. The trial. - Here is the bow of Ulysses; you who dare to think they are strong enough to pull it, dare to ask for my hand! Emasculated by a life of weakness and pleasure, Antinous tried in vain to pull the formidable bow. Watch the end in No. 5.
Series Title: 
Le Retour d'Ulysse
Translated Series Title: 
The Return of Ulysses
Series Subtitle: 
The Return of Ulysses