Surcouf (1er chapitre,) Le Roi des Corsaires

Title: Surcouf (1er chapitre,) Le Roi des Corsaires
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Surcouf (1st Chapter), The King of the Pirates
Surcouf, 1st Chapter, king of the Pirates. Mr. Jean Angelo as the character of Surcouf. The 20th of September in Saint-Malo, home of the harsh, malignant, and large pirates. Marcof is the famous pirate. - Why, it's a sailor who's in this cove. - We aren't going to let a little guy die in our territory? - Little Surcouf! At the same time, Mr. Surcouf, a shipowner in St. Malo, received a visit from the Regent of the College of Dinan. His grandmother and the little Marie-Catherine, Surcouf's adopted daughter … - Your son always showed that he was the most undisciplined student in the school. - … Your son was playing with his cousin, Jacques Morel and plenty of other students … I'm Marcof the Pirate … you are the enemy. - After this escapade, I haven't seen him since … See more on No. 2.
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