Surcouf (1er chapitre), Le Roi des Corsaires, No. 6.

Title: Surcouf (1er chapitre), Le Roi des Corsaires, No. 6.
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Surcouf (1st Chapter), The King of the Pirates, No. 6.
Surcouf, first chapter, the King of the Pirates, No. 6. - Marcof, tell me, who is your wife? … Am I not your friend, your brother?... Secrets. Her name … Madiana, born and raised in India, she was, during a revolt, locked in a convent from whence she escaped … - Save me! They want to kill me! Since that day, she has shared my life, my dangers. - Accused of the death of a Brahmin, the fanatic Hindus pursue her seeking revenge …-Swear to me, if were to disappear, that you would watch over her, protect her, and defend her! - I swear. Soon, Surcouf and Madiana felt attracted to one another; but, reluctant to betray his friend, Surcouf made the decision to leave. - You promised that you would stay with us? Only Morel rejoiced; he loved Marie-Catherine, and he hoped for the departure of any possible rivals. See more on No. 7.
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