Surcouf (1er chapitre), Le Roi des Corsaires, No. 7

Title: Surcouf (1er chapitre), Le Roi des Corsaires, No. 7
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Surcouf (1st Chapter), The King of the Pirates, No. 7
Surcouf, The King of the Pirates, No. 7. In 1800, the Isle of France, the last jewel of our Indian colonies, had become the harbor for our boldest marines. - To the health of our captain, Dutertre, the greatest of all Pirates. - No! The greatest of the Corsairs is not Dutertre … it's Surcouf … long live Surcouf! Dutertre, the rival of Surcouf. - But it's Surcouf! … - So now you knock down my sailors! - They attacked mine! … Beware, Dutertre! … It's been a while since you've bothered me. Then General Malartic, the governor of the island, came in. - You must either be mad or sold out to the enemy for wanting to cut each other's throats. - Your ship was sunk by a spy and now is laying 50 fathoms deep in the bay. - I learned that the "Kent," the most beautiful boat of the Indian Company left Portsmouth toward Bombay. - What a pity that I no longer have my boat? - You have mine, sail on my sloop, we will share both gains and losses … See more on Number 8.
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