Face à l'Océan, No. 5

Title: Face à l'Océan, No. 5
Translated Title: 
The Oceanfront, No. 5
The Oceanfront, No. 5 (continued). The fisherman that she saw did not escape her thoughts. - You don't know a fisherman who looks like Papa and has two children. - Heavens, no! Germaine, determined, decided to go to the harbor to get some information from the fishermen. - Hello father Kernic, did the fishing go well? … Was that fisherman you were with the other day a friend of yours? - If you tell me where he lives, I'll bring you some chewing tobacco. You're talking about Richard, he lives behind the harbor … on the towpath. - Thank you, Father Kernic. - Look there's the wicked gentleman's daughter. - Say, your dog looks mean. - If you want to come with me we can play together. And the two became good friends. See more on Number 6.
Series Title: 
Face à l'Océan
Translated Series Title: 
The Oceanfront