Face à l'Océan, No. 6

Title: Face à l'Océan, No. 6
Translated Title: 
The Oceanfront, No. 6
The Oceanfront, No. 6 (continued). When Germaine took the them to the shipowner's house, the fisherman's children were amazed. - My! Your house is beautiful! - Oh! … Papa! - Come look, Pierre, isn't this Papa! - Why yes that is Papa! -Come see Pierre, isn't this Papa? - Ah really! He looks exactly like him! Afraid of her grandfather being angry, she hid with her new friends. - Hey Piram, lie down, and the two of us will have something to eat. - There's some cake that you love so much … chocolate eclairs! See more on Number 7.
Series Title: 
Face à l'Océan
Translated Series Title: 
The Oceanfront