Face à l'Océan, No. 8

Title: Face à l'Océan, No. 8
Translated Title: 
The Oceanfront, No. 8
The Oceanfront, No. 8. Mr. Lefranc, hard on others and himself, spends lavishly for Germaine. - Now that you have a pretty doll, I hope that you will behave yourself. -I would like to talk to you on behalf of my friends - The fish aren’t biting this year, and the price of a boat is too inflated. - I can't give you anything else, that's my last word. - Grandpa, listen to the beautiful lines in this book. "The women kneeling on the edge of the shore, imploring to the ocean that engulfs without truce, and within the mixed noise, the sobs of the living become the voice of the dead. But this is only a mirage in the eyes of the poor widows, the daughters and sisters, a balm to their tests. The sea loves its men and keeps them well. The eyes open bigger to see.. but nothing.. nothing anymore... - What a difficult and dangerous job grandfather! - I did it before them and I suffered like they do! - That does not keep them from being unhappy, grandpa. See more on Number 9.
Series Title: 
Face à l'Océan
Translated Series Title: 
The Oceanfront