Fleur des Sables, No. 1

Title: Fleur des Sables, No. 1
Translated Title: 
Flower of the Sand No. 1
Flower of the Sand, an eight-part drama. The French Post of Ahamar, the oasis of a civilization amongst the sands of the desert, held in compliance with the robber tribes. A handful of Whites maintain the prestige of France amongst natives who were secretly hostile toward the "nonbelievers." The gambling at the house of Nessim-Allah, covered the noise from the flutes, the conspiracy that, in the mystery, was aimed at the annihilation of the French rule. Each night, Nessim-Allah listened to a report from his spy Chamba, who was employed by French resident. Ramilka is the leader of the revolters, who served his ambitions with all the ardour of their fanaticism. - Tell the Flower of the Sand that I, Ramilka, am expecting him. You will be Queen Yasmina, because Ramilka loves you, and Allah will make me king. I would rather be a slave, a beggar, if I loved him. - I said … if I loved him. The four Frenchmen who preside over the post of Ahamar. Dr. Humbert, the doctor of the post, and resident Georges Desmard. Captain Fregonne, commander of the post, and Pascal Lalouet, secretary of the Resident. - Those stupid cavaliers, making all of that noise, they must be drinking excessively over at Nessim-Allah's house. - Their agitation worries me … they speak vaguely of an uprising. - I asked urgently for Raymond Valverde from the Secret Service; he is coming here. See more on Number 2.
Series Title: 
Fleur des Sables
Translated Series Title: 
Flower of the Sand