Fleur de Sable, No. 5

Title: Fleur de Sable, No. 5
Translated Title: 
Flower of the Sand No. 5
The Message of the Rose. "O you who reigns over my heart as the lily reigns over the roses, lower your eyes upon a humble slave to your beauty, when the peace of Allah descends upon the desert, come find me in my isolated house, where you will drive my fast car". For a long time, the last rays of the sun reddened the horizon. A thousand cavaliers gathered in the desert. -In three days, the jackals and the hyenas will compete for the bones of Ahamar. At Valverde's house. -And Ramilka, does he still boast of becoming king? He doesn't boast. In three days, Ahamar will be destroyed and there won't be any Rumis left to tell it to the world. -Praise be to Allah if what you say is true. But, do you know anything else? - I beg you Francoise, do not condemn me! - I can't say anything to you … - Goodbye! - I am not a Muslim … I lied to you … - You, a nonbeliever, you used me to shoot my people and to carry out a terrible deed for the cause of Allah! But you will pay dearly for this. You and that woman with the milky face! Ramlika will avenge Allah … and so will I! See more on Number 6.
Series Title: 
Fleur des Sables
Translated Series Title: 
Flower of the Sand