Fleur de Sable, No. 6

Title: Fleur de Sable, No. 6
Translated Title: 
Flower of the Sand No. 6
Valverde comes to report about his mission. The revolt is on the cusp of beginning, you must act with firmness and decisiveness. -Arrest Ramlika immediately, without him, I doubt that his followers would dare attack us. After being warned by his spy Chamba, Ramlika evades the searches. - Where is Ramlika? - I will free your uncle when you tell me where Ramlika is hiding. -Where is Ramlika, you still haven't responded to me yet. -My response would deceive you, for I have learned the lie from the mouth of Rumis. - If I lied to you, it's because a man must sacrifice everything for his duty. -If you value your life, leave Ahamar immediately. See more on Number 7.
Series Title: 
Fleur des Sables
Translated Series Title: 
Flower of the Sand