L'Enfant-Roi (Louis XVI): Les Deux Orphelins No.3

Title: L'Enfant-Roi (Louis XVI): Les Deux Orphelins No.3
Translated Title: 
The Child-King (Louis XVII): The two Orphans No.3
The little Louis XVII remained under the guard of the shoemaker Simon and his wife. Simon, tried to teach his student principles of democracy. The principle of every leadership resides in the Nation. The Nation.? The people!. Yes, little wolf!. You worked well Capet, you will be rewarded. To you.. Capet.. and to the Nation!. In a neighboring room.. Simon was authorized to give an hour of recreation each day to the little prisoner. Go one, little wolf, sing!. Mrs. Veto had promised to have all of Paris slaughtered. Let's dance the Carmagnole. Long live the sound of the canon!. Ah!. This is too much.. too much!. See the following episode in number 4.
Series Title: 
L'Enfant-Roi (Louis VXII)
Translated Series Title: 
The Child-King (Louis XVII)
Series Subtitle: 
Les Deux Orphelins
Translated Series Subtitle: 
The two Orphans