La Cité Foudroyée No.4

Title: La Cité Foudroyée No.4
Translated Title: 
The Thunderstruck City No. 4
That day was the 10th of November. The "event" was approaching... Paris was suddenly pulled from its frivolous life by astonishing news... -- Breaking story!!! A MONSTER BLACKMAIL or A JOKE. Some mysterious correspondents have sent via wireless the following message to the Municipal Council: "If in eighty hours the sum of fifty million is not paid, we will burn an entire neighborhood of the city." These enigmatic characters coldly added that they would send an emissary to receive the sum of money. Burning the capital seemed to be such an absurd act that no one took it seriously. That being said, in the shadow, a man waited for his hour. The time set via wireless for the "extermination" was nearing. But the grand city remained disdainful under the safety of its imperishable tradition. -- Second division...Fire!! -- ... Fire! Fire! -- Attack from NEUILLY!! -- Fifteenth division... Burn!! Burn!!! ...The firemen are called in by emergency --...The fire!... This time, the danger was serious and would soon create panic. Hovering above the clouds that gathered, a mysterious messenger...managed to pierce the fly over its prey... Millions of small rectangular pieces of paper fell on the streets of the already menaced city... LAST WARNING: Tonight at 7 o'clock the spire of the Eiffel Tour will assist me in the surrender of the city. A delegate will present himself at the southern gate to receive the ransom. The existence of the city will require a response from its own. The Master of the Lightening. See what happens next in No. 5.