Violettes Impériales, 2e chapitre: Violetta No.1

Title: Violettes Impériales, 2e chapitre: Violetta No.1
Translated Title: 
Imperial Violets, 2nd Chapter: Violetta No. 1
The Empress Eugenie. The lieutenant of St. Affremond, mortally wounded at the battle of Solférino, had been transported to the home of his mother... -- My dear son, this child was here, day and night, at your bedside. Your recovery her work. Convalescence. -- Crown your blessed work...and never again leave this house that owes you so much happiness! -- People of our rank have the ability to think that the nobility of the heart can supplant the nobility of a name. -- Alas, Hubert, I have seen how much my weakness was culpable here, because...I do not love you deserve to be loved. -- Violetta, you are lying! Why? -- Hubert, I don't love you! and yet, I am fond of you. -- You are no longer available, perhaps? See what happens next in No. 2.