Digital and Media Preservation


The Library has a strong commitment to preservation of collection materials in all formats. Digital objects—with their unique capabilities and characteristics—dwell in a dynamic, technologically-rich environment. As with analog materials, the goal of preservation of digital objects is to ensure long-term access; however achieving this goal requires a related but different combination of strategies and expertise.  

The Digital Preservation Framework is an organizational tool that informs all aspects of digital preservation. It does not advocate for a new program across the Library, rather, its intention is to serve as a guide to ensure full utilization of existing resources. Its purpose is to support the maturation of the Library’s digital preservation activities as we move from a project-based orientation to a program-based one.

Building on existing digital preservation efforts, guided by the Digital Preservation Framework, and supported by Hydra, the Action Plan outlines four digital preservation priorities for the next two- to three-years. Taken together, these priorities will help the Library 1) identify the nature of the digital objects we currently have, plan to collect, or reformat, 2) evaluate the storage and maintenance of the digital objects in our custody, 3) assess the ability of researchers to discover and access the digital objects in our collections, and 4) protect digital objects in the event of an emergency or disaster. In addition, we will continue to develop and implement preservation reformatting programs for brittle books and analog and magnetic media.

Digital Preservation Framework

Digital Preservation Action Plan