Preservation Programs and Services

Environmental Management

The Preservation Office works in collaboration with Library's Environmental Management Team to ensure that environmental conditions within the Libraries are maintained in accordance with guidelines for long-term preservation of collections. Preservation Office staff collect and interpret environmental data to identify and address problem areas.

Mold and Pest Remediation

Preservation and Conservation provide mold and pest remediation services in-house and, when necessary, through vendors. Princeton University Library materials that smell musty, feel damp, appear moldy, or show evidence of pest infestation should be brought to the attention of the Preservation Librarian as soon as possible.  The appropriate steps to take are available to download here:

If You Find Moldy or Infested Materials

General information on preventing, identifying, and responding to mold and pests in the library is available to download here:

Mold and Pest Training Presentation


Integrated Pest Management

The Preservation Office monitors and responds to concerns involving pests in the library, as well as consulting on preventive measures such as environmental and building management.


Collections Assessment

Preservation staff assess library collections and individual items, and formulate recommendations regarding treatment, storage, digitization, exhibition, and loans. These assessments help with prioritization and planning for preservation needs within the library.


Collections Care and Handling

  General Guides

  East Asian Materials Handling Guidelines