Office of Research Data and Open Scholarship

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The Office of Research Data and Open Scholarship (RDOS) provides the Princeton research community with  expert guidance, resources, tools, and training to support and promote effective open and reproducible research  practices. 
The Office includes two divisions, Princeton Research Data Service and Scholarly Communications, which engage research across its “life cycle” from ideation to implementation, analysis, and publication. 


  • Provides support for researchers to store, manage, preserve, and curate digital research data, and to make it  available to the broader research community and to the public in ways that maximize usability, transparency,  and sustainability 
  • Promotes and support services, activities, practices, and frameworks that democratize information, including  effective stewardship of research data, equitable and sustainable publishing models, and open access to and  sharing of research outputs 
  • Collaborates with campus partners to support compliance with external funding or other regulatory  requirements related to data management, data sharing, and open access 
  • Supports innovative and robust open research practices that showcase and promote University research  projects 
  • Advocates nationally for open access, data sharing, publishing models, and data management policies that support the University’s research community, mission,  and values  

Services & Resources 

Consultations on topics related to research data management and stewardship, journals and journal publication,  open access and open data requirements, and licensing and copyright.