Princeton Research Data Service

Princeton Research Data Service

Stage 4: Publishing and Preservation

Data management activities at the end of a project and/or the publication of results

Research Data Storage Options

There are currently two main options for storing research data at Princeton:

  • For data that is not intended or ready to be publicly available: 

    • /tigress is a storage system for output or data that requires more processing on another system or cluster. It’s not intended to be used as a scratch disk or as a home filesystem.

    • Check out this table of other storage options at Princeton

If you need to make your data available to research collaborators, you can find more information about your options here

  • For data that is intended to be published as a publicly available resource, Princeton hosts a research data repository: DataSpace

Depending on your field and the type of data you’re making available, other repositories may also be good options. You can find more information about making your data available here