Princeton Research Data Service

Princeton Research Data Service

Advantages to planning your research data management practices in advance

Save time: Planning ahead for your data management needs will let you anticipate what you’ll need and organize your data from the start - no last minute scrambling required!

Maintain data integrity: Managing and documenting your data throughout the entire project will allow you and others to understand and more easily use your data in the future.

Meet grant requirements: Many funding agencies require that researchers create and follow a data management and/or data sharing plan.


Advantages to publishing your datasets

Publishing your dataset in an indexed repository that provides a unique, persistent identifier allows it to be:

  • More easily discovered
  • Cited in its own right, increasing its visibility and impact
  • Able to promote the research that created it

More generally, sharing data:

  • Can lead to new, unanticipated discoveries
  • Provides research material for those with little or no funding
  • Promotes innovation and potential new data uses
  • Can lead to new collaborations
  • Maximizes transparency and accountability
  • Encourages improvement and validation of research methods
  • Reduces the cost of duplicating data collection