How to Submit a Course Reserves Request

Limited Access Note

PUL is allowing a limited number of visitors with urgent research needs and a connection to the Princeton research community. To submit a request for consideration, please visit the EHS visitor page and complete the form linked on the right. Your sponsor must be a Princeton University faculty member, staff member, or graduate student. Please note that the Library will need to approve this form, not the sponsor's department head. Send completed forms to and include the collections that are required to complete on-site research. Allow three business days for review of requests.

Special Collections is accepting appointments for non-Princeton researchers on a very limited basis. Visitors interested in researching within Special Collections must first contact the department through their Ask Us! form. Requests to visit Special Collections will only be considered through this form.

Items needed for a course may be placed "on reserve," guaranteeing their availability for classroom use during the semester. You may add items to your course using Canvas

Getting Started 

Video tutorial:

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Log into Canvas using your university login credentials.

2. Select a course from the list of "Published Courses."
Note: If you don’t see courses listed, you may need to contact your departmental PS CUP Administrator (PeopleSoft Course Update Process Administrator) so they may give you the appropriate access. 


3. Click on the "Reserves" link on the course site menu.

Screenshot of user clicking on Reserves link.

4. If this is the first time you've used Reserves for this course, you will be prompted to choose a semester and click on "Create Course." 

 A screen showing a user selecting the semester for which they want to create reserve items.

5. At the top right of the following page, click on "Item Tools" and select "Add Items." 

Screenshot of user clicking on Add Items

6. A new page will open, with options for adding material to the course. You may select a form (article, chapter, book, file upload, audio, and video) to submit individual requests for items to be placed on reserve. Alternatively, you may import items used in previous courses and add them to your current course.

Questions? Contact Reserves staff at 

Importing Items From a Previous Course

Video tutorial:

Step-by-step instructions:

1. To import items, navigate to the "Current and Previous Courses" list at the lower portion of the window and select the course with items you would like to import. 

Screenshot showing a list of courses with items that may be imported.

2. On the next page, select the specific items you would like to re-use or clone. 

Screenshot showing a list of course items that can be imported.

3. Finally, click the "Import Items" button at the bottom of the page. 

Screenshot showing the location of the "Import Items" button.

Editing or Deleting Reserve Items

Video tutorial:

Step-by-step instructions:

1. If an item has the status "Awaiting Reserves Processing", you can edit or delete it by clicking on the "Edit" link next to the item. If you wish to edit an item that is marked with a status other than "Awaiting Reserves Processing," you may need to contact reserves staff for assistance. 

Screenshot showing the location of the "Edit" link.

2. If you would like to delete the item, click the "Delete Item" button at the top of the Edit screen.

Screenshot showing the location of the "Delete Item" button.

Other Features of Course Reserves in Canvas and Blackboard 

  • Processing Status: Once you have submitted your reserve items, they will display in a list within your account. You may check the processing status of items in your list at any time. The “item activation pending” status means that an item has been fully prepared for reserve, and will become available at the “start” of the semester. This date is set at least one week prior to the beginning of the semester. 
  • Student View: If you would like to review how students will see your course reserves list, select "Switch to Student Mode" in the Library Course Reserves menu. Please note that students will only see available course reserve items shortly before the semester starts.

Physical Reserve Item Access Locations

Reserve items may be made available at the following nine locations: 

  • Architecture Library 
  • East Asian Library 
  • Engineering Library 
  • Firestone Library 
  • Lewis Library 
  • Marquand Library 
  • Music Library 
  • Stokes Library 
  • Video Library (Firestone) 

More Information and Assistance

For more information, please visit the Reserves section of this website or send email to reserve staff at You may also reach Firestone reserve staff by phone at 609-258-3224.