Wireless Access

Princeton Users

Princeton University is a participant in the international eduroam network access service. This service allows members from participating institutions to gain instant and secure access to the eduroam wireless network using credentials from a participating home institution. If you are eduroam-enabled and you have authenticated at your home institution, the eduroam wireless connectivity at Princeton is seamless and invisible to you. For Princeton faculty, staff and students, you can travel the world and use eduroam for wireless connectivity at all eduroam participating partners

All faculty, staff and students at Princeton are strongly encouraged to configure their devices to use the eduroam wireless network. The eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) is available to assist you in configuring your device. To use the tool please see the article: Wireless at Princeton: Configuring your device for eduroam with eduroamCAT

Information on using eduroam at Princeton can be found online: Connecting to the eduroam wireless network.


Princeton University provides wireless internet service to campus visitors through either the Visitor Wireless service or Eduroam. Visitors who are in the Eduroam community should connect to Eduroam; all other visitors should use the visitor wireless service. 

For alumni during Reunions, vendors on campus for demonstrations, or any other short term visitor, please use Visitor Wireless (puvisitor). All visitors must register their device to use puvisitor.  This registration is valid for 13 months.