Government Document Depository Collection Visitors

Princeton University Library is an official document depository for the following entities:

  • The European Union (1964- )
  • The State of New Jersey (1950- )
  • The United Nations (1945- )
  • The United States Federal Government (1884- )

The collections are the product of signatory agreements by which these four entities deposit their publications at Princeton University free of charge, with the understanding that the general public will be granted reasonable access to them. View the research guides associated with these collections for more information about what exists and how to use the collections. 

The depository collections are available for public use when the Firestone Library Access Office is open. Branch libraries with separate subject collections may have different hours. While not necessary, visitors to the despository collection are encouraged to make an appointment with a reference specialist to ensure that the materials will be available for their on-site use when the visitor arrives. 

Today's Hours

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