Visiting Firestone Library

Visitors are welcome to view and work with the collections at Firestone Library. There are several options for access depending on your affiliation. 

Access Cards

Access cards provide access beyond the turnstile without the need to stop by the Access Desk each time you visit. If you will be visiting frequently or for an extended period of time, we recommend applying for an access card. The following people are eligible for access cards.

  • Alumni
  • Special Collections researchers
  • Institute of Advanced Study members and scholars
  • Faculty, staff, and students at Princeton Theological Seminary
  • Faculty, staff, and students who are part of the ARL, SHARES, or BorrowDirect consortia

To complete your access card application, please stop by the Access Desk M-F, 9am to 5pm. You will need a form of ID. If you are applying as a member of another institution, please bring your institutional ID. 

Day Passes

Day passes provide access beyond the turnstile and are valid for one day. The following people are eligible for day passes without making a reservation.

  • Guests of Princeton students, faculty, and staff
  • Guests of alumni
  • Prospective students and their families
  • Individuals attending conferences held at Princeton University
  • Members of Friends of Princeton University Library (see note*)

Please stop by the Access Desk upon your arrival. Our staff will be happy to issue a day pass. 

Day Pass Reservations

The library offers 25 day passes each day for those who are not in any of the categories above who wish to use our collections and for quiet study. The following people must make a reservation.

  • Faculty, staff, and students at an institution not affiliated with the above consortia
  • Independent researchers
  • Community members

You can reserve ahead of time to guarantee access, or you may do so at the Access Desk upon your arrival. Please note that you will need a photo ID to get your day pass. Visitors who book a day pass need to arrive during the open hours of the Access Desk. Please note that all visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult chaperone. 

Make a reservation.

Tourists and Groups

As Firestone Library is an active research library dedicated to quiet study, we do not allow groups to tour through. Likewise, we ask that tourists take advantage of the public spaces in the lobby, including Cotsen Children's Library and the Milberg Gallery. We appreciate your cooperation in making the library a space devoted to academic inquiry. 

Friends of Princeton University Library

Legacy policy regarding members of the Friends since July 1981 continues. Per a policy established when turnstiles were first installed in Firestone lobby, individuals who have been members of the Friends of the Princeton University Library continuously since July 1981 may apply for a free annual access card.

Today's Hours

For summer, holidays or recess hours, please consult the full schedule.