Requesting Off-Site Materials for Visitors

If you are a visitor who does not have borrowing privileges and would like to use material that is stored in our off-site location, there will be a fee of $100 per week (7 days from the first request) for up to 10 items.  This fee covers the cost of item retrieval and transportation to and from the off-site storage facilities. These facilities include ReCAP and locations marked Annex, which will be displayed in the catalog. 

Exceptions to this policy

  • Alumni, who are able to freely request items
  • Visitors to Special Collections who are requesting only to view Special Collections items that are stored off-site
  • Depository visitors who are requesting only to view depository material that is stored off-site

Please note that to avoid this fee you are always welcome to place an interlibrary loan request through your home institution library or your local public library. 

To proceed with purchasing off-site requesting privileges, please contact the Access Office at (609) 258-5737 or Our staff will walk you through the process of fee payment and placing the requests. 

Today's Hours

For summer, holidays or recess hours, please consult the full schedule.