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Catalogs & Databases

All Search is our new discovery tool that searches our two core databases, the PU Digital Library, the Special Collections website, Frequently Asked Questions, and the department blogs.  You may also directy search our core databases and subject-specific databases listed below. 

RBSC Core Databases

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    Catalog is the new discovery tool for the Princeton University Library and can be used to find and request rare books, graphic arts, historic maps, senior theses and other printed material. 

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    Princeton University Library Finding Aids

    Provides access to finding aids or descriptive inventories for archival records and manuscript collections held within the University Library. Approximately 1,300 finding aids from the Department of Special Collections are now available online and include the Manuscripts Division, Public Policy Papers, and University Archives.

RBSC Subject-specific Databases

  • Architectural Presentation Boards

    Architectural Presentation Boards

    Contains descriptive information on over 500 architectural presentation boards. Keyword searching retrieves a listing of boards that meet your criteria. Information returned will include a description of the board and the view depicted, and when available, the architect, architectural firm, and other contractor details. The boards typically include floor plans, artistic renderings, and campus footprints.

  • Archive It


    Provides access to archived versions of Princeton University websites starting from 2015.  Archive-It provides browsing capabilities as well as full text search of all websites in the collection.

  • Catalog Of Princeton University Senior Theses

    Catalog of Princeton University Senior Theses

    List of theses starting in 1926 written by seniors at Princeton University. Not all departments are represented. Princeton University network connected patrons may view most 2014 to current theses. 

  • Physics Department faculty and Albert Einstein

    Faculty and Professional Staff Index, 1764-2006

    Index for Faculty & Professional Research, Technical & Library Personnel files, 1764-2004. Contains the name, death date, departure date, and department for Princeton University personnel. (Files for some trustees, administrators, and others may also be found.) Explanation of Access to personnel files.

  • Honorary Degrees

    Honorary Degree Index, 1748-2001

    Lists honorary degree recipients for the years 1748-2001, the date the degree was awarded, the date of the individual's death (if known), the degree received, and the existence of an informational folder in the Honorary Degree Records the Mudd Manuscript Library.

  • Manuscripts Division

    MASC: Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections

    MASC is a legacy database and has not been actively updated since 2002. For the latests catalog records, see the Finding Aids.Master author index for more than 1200 archival collections in all units of the Princeton University Library's Department of Special Collections, with entries for more than 23,000 individuals and corporate bodies. 

  • Nassau Literary Magazine

    Nassau Literary Magazine, 1842-2015

    The Nassau Literary Magazine, which was founded in 1842 and continues today, has historically included short stories, poems, political opinions, and various whimsical writings. In its current form, the Nassau Literary Review is an outlet for creative writing and photography. The magazine has been published on a bi-monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual basis, and now publishes on a semi-annual basis. 

  • Newspaper and glasses

    Papers of Princeton

    Includes the archives of the following publications, The Daily Princetonian, Local Express, Nassau Literary Review, Princeton University Weekly Bulletin and Town Topics.

  • Princeton Alumni Weekly Memorial Index 1894-2011

    Princeton Alumni Weekly Memorial Index, 1894-2011

    Covers all alumni for whom obituaries appeared in thePrinceton Alumni Weekly and its predecessor, the Alumni Princetonian, between April 1894 and July 2011. Includes some faculty and honorary class members.

  • Princeton Memorabilia Collection

    Princeton Memorabilia Collection

    This database contains descriptive information on over 1,200 items found within the University Archives Memorabilia Collection. You may conduct a keyword search to retrieve a listing of items that meet your criteria. The database also lists the number of the box in which the item can be found within the Memorabilia Collection here at the Mudd Manuscript Library.

    The Mudd Library would like to acknowledge the Friends of the Princeton University Library for their generous support in making this database web-accessible.

  • Numismatics Database

    Princeton Numismatic Collection database

    Catalog of the coins, medals and tokens, paper money, casts, exonumia in Princeton's Numismatic Collection.  The Princeton University Numismatic Collection database was initiated in 2005 to provide web-based access to the entire collection through a searchable database with photographs of all objects. As most of the records are being written by Princeton University students, the order of cataloguing has depended on the scholarly interests and research skills of the students. Only a small fraction of the more than 110,000 pieces in the collection are currently online.

  • Princeton University Graduate Alumni Index 1839-1998

    Princeton University Graduate Alumni Index, 1839-1998

    Index of graduate alumni from 1839 to 1998. Provides the name, graduate school class, department, and death date, if any, of alumni, as well as note if photographs of the individual exist. Please note that for more recent graduates, files may not have yet been transferred to the Mudd Manuscript Library and therefore will not be found in this database.

  • Princeton University Historical Audio Visual Collection

    Princeton University Historical Audio-Visual Collection

    Contains over 1,500 audio-visual items found within the University Archives.

  • Princeton University Historical Photograph Collection

    Princeton University Historical Photograph Collection

    This database contains descriptive information on over 20,000 photographs found within the University Archives Historical Photograph Collection. You may conduct a keyword search to retrieve a listing of photographs that meet your criteria. Information returned will include a general description of the photograph along with pertinent details, such as dates, photographer, and image type, as well as the collection, box, and image number.

  • Trustee Index, 1746-2001

    Trustee Index, 1746-2001

    Indexes the names of those who have served on the Princeton University Board of Trustees from 1746-2001. Contains dates and type of service, and Princeton class affiliation, if applicable, for each University trustee. Those trustees labeled as current were serving as of 2001.

  • Trustees Minutes, 1746-1894

    Trustees Minutes, 1746-1894

    This index lists the general heading, specific subject heading, and the volume and page number for topics which may be found within the first four volumes of the minutes of the Board of Trustees (1746-1894). This information was collected from two volumes of indices created contemporaneously with the meeting minutes. Therefore, 18th and 19th-century spelling, terms, and usage have not been altered.

    The Mudd Manuscript Library would like to acknowledge the Friends of the Princeton University Library for their generous support in making this database web-accessible.

  • Princeton University Reunion

    Undergraduate Alumni Index, 1748-1920

    Index for all undergraduate alumni from the Princeton classes of 1748 to 1920. There is some non-graduate information for individuals through the Class of 1947. Provides the name, class year, and graduation status of alumni, and note if photos or images of the individual exist. It also lists the number of the box in which biographical information can be found within the Undergraduate Alumni Files held at the Mudd Manuscript Library.

  • Undergraduate Alumni Index 1921-2015

    Undergraduate Alumni Index, 1921-2015

    Index for undergraduate alumni from the classes of 1921 to 2015. Provides the name, class year, type of file available, and relevant box number for records found in the Mudd Manuscript Library. Undergraduate records from this period are kept in two series: the Bureau of Alumni Records Public Information Files and the Dean of the College Undergraduate Academic Files.

  • Visuals Database For Graphic Arts

    Visuals Database for Graphic Arts

    Includes prints, drawings, photographs, paintings, sculpture, and other non-book objects in the Princeton University Library collections.

  • Princeton's first Army Specialized Training Program graduation

    World War II Memorial Book

    Provides the name, date and place of death, class year, and rank and branch of service for each Princeton student or alumnus who died in service to his country during the Second World War.