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Carl Tobey Papers

Consists mainly of correspondence and manuscripts of Tobey (Princeton Class of
1940) from the period (1955-1976) when he was a member of the staff of the
Turkish Ministry of Education in Samsun, Turkey, teaching English. There are 21
binders of correspondence, photographs, and cards from various friends, family,
and associates reflecting his interests in Turkish literature and music,
horticulture, and the collecting of botanical specimens. Also included are
poems, prose, lyrics, musical scores, phonograph records of Turkish songs,
manuscripts for one published and two unpublished works of poetry and prose--
Poems of a Twelve-Month Year (1954), The Hundred-Petalled Rose, and A Conception of Place--and an album of photographs of flowers
(Samsun, 1972-1976), entitled Ahmet's and My