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Chalmers W. Alexander Letters

The correspondence written home during Alexander's first year at Princeton (1928) includes detailed information about his living conditions such as his room, classmates, and activities. In letters from 1929 Alexander expresses concern about his classes and upcoming exams. Also, religious activities seem very important. The issue of money is brought up and he does not want his father to send more money than is necessary. The third set of letters from 1930 deal with such issues as grades, classes, weather, and invitations to clubs. He sometimes corresponds with other people from home through his mother. Letters from 1931 continue along the same thought lines as the previous set of letters. Finally, the letters from 1932 address the same subjects as previous letters, but there are more tidbits of news about the town and schoolwork.Church calendars and bulletins found after the letters give insight into Alexander's religious activities during his undergraduate years, and some report cards indicate his academic success.