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Clifford Nickles Carver Papers

Consists primarily of correspondence relating to the work of Carver (Princeton Class of 1913) as secretary (1914-1915) to Walter H. Page, the American ambassador in London, as secretary (1915) to Edward Mandell House in Europe, and as assistant to Bernard M. Baruch working for the War Industries Board, and to his commission in the U.S. Navy attached to the Office of Naval Intelligence (1917-1918). During those years Carver became acquainted with and corresponded with a great number of prominent statesmen and members of the royal families of Austria, Norway, Great Britain, Belgium, Greece, Monaco, and others, including Theodore Roosevelt, Lord Fairfax, Lord Northcliffe, Princess Grace of Monaco, Archduke Felix of Austria, Prince Otto of Norway, Bernard M. Baruch, Andrew Carnegie, and Woodrow Wilson. There is also correspondence related to the American Friends of Norway, of which Carver was chairman (1942).Another facet of Carver's interests is well-represented by his collection of hundreds of bookplates of well-known Americans, Princetonians, and Europeans, with related correspondence and articles including \Modern American Book-plates\ and \Three Victorian Book-plates.\Also included are diaries (1914-1924); Princeton undergraduate lecture notes; articles, and reports, including a report on the sinking of the S.S. Lusitania (1915); documents; printed matter; memorabilia; photographs of family, friends, and royalty; and a group of additional papers containing correspondence, reports, clippings, and bookplates.