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Edward Coles Papers

Included are Coles' written and collected notes on slavery; his highly personal
correspondence with James and Dolley Madison covering over 30 years; a
remarkable letter (1814) by Thomas Jefferson presenting his views on abolishing
slavery; a Russian passport (1816); a contemporary copy of Madison's will;
Madison's \Advice to my Country,\ a 1-page manuscript in the hand of his wife,
Dolley; and various letters of political significance by Martin Van Buren, Henry
Clay, James Monroe, John Tyler, Winfield Scott, and Daniel Webster. Other
correspondents include Nicholas Biddle, Albert Gallatin, Elbridge Gerry,
Lafayette, Richard Rush, and Jared Sparks.The following standard abbreviations, or their variations, are used to identify
materials in this collection: ALsS = autograph letters signed, LS = Letter