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Edward Mead Earle Papers

The bulk of the collection consists of professional correspondence between Earle and university professors, government officials, and influential members of committees and councils. This correspondence reveals the extent of Earle's diverse network of associations as well as that of his business travels both locally to New York and Washington and abroad to the Caribbean, England, and Western Europe. The other substantial portion of the collection is comprised of the files of the American Committee for International Studies (ACIS)--the American member of the International Studies Conference, administered by the Council on Foreign Relations -- of which Earle was chair. Additionally, there is a significant amount of information documenting Earle's involvement with the National War College, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Foundation for the Advancement of Social Sciences (University of Denver). The collection contains some of Earle's writings such as memoranda, lectures, addresses, published articles and books and a limited amount of Earle's research notes and clippings. Supplementing the writings is substantial correspondence relating in particular to two books edited by Earle: Makers of Modern Strategy and Nationalism and Internationalism.