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F. Scott Fitzgerald Additional Papers

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The collection onsists of additional (i.e., in addition to the F. ScottFitzgerald Papers) writings, including published juvenilia, letters, documents,photographs, tape recordings, and memorabilia of Fitzgerald (Princeton Class of1917), and material of others about him. Included are 7 boxes of paperspresented by several of Fitzgerald's friends of the 1930s and 1940: Bertie Barr, Esquire magazine, which published many of thePat Hobby stories, Sheilah Graham, Laura Guthrie Hearne, and Marie Shank. Thereare also two film versions of Tender Is the Night,David Hertz' screenplay (1947) and that of Ivan Moffat (1961).A futher addition to the collection contains 32 letter and cards from Fitzgeraldto "Dear Patsy" (Hazel McCromack); miscellaneous correspondence to and fromScott and Zelda Fitzgerald to Francis Kroll, Matthew Bruccolli and others;correspondence related to Marie Stokes Jemison; letters sent by authors andcritics to William Goldhurst regarding Fitzgerald, including T. S. Eliot, NormanMailer, Harold Ober, and Thornton Wilder; photographs; drawings; and newspaperclippings. Also included are a photocopy of the screenplay by Harold Pinterwhich is based on Fitzgerald's last, unfinished novel The Last Tycoon and the script and film print of Marked for Glory, a film about Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald by GwinnOwens. Nine large scrapbooks of material about Fitzgerald, his life, and works,collected by daughter Scottie Fitzgerald Lanahan, complete the collection.Occasionally, a reference is made to the following locations using theabbreviations noted below:"Published Juvenilia of F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1909-1917." A bound collection.Abbr.: "Published Juvenilia..." (Box 2, Folder 24)"Various Contributions of Scott Fitzgerald to the Nassau Literary Magazine of Princeton, 1915-1917." A bound collection.Abbr.: "Various Contributions..." (Box 2, Folder 25) "The Apprentice Fiction of F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1909-1917." Two folders ofphotocopied material. Abbr.: "The Apprentice Fiction..." (Box 3, Folders1-2)"Excerpts from the Nassau Literary Magazine -1917."A folder of photocopied material. Abbr.: "Excerpts from the Nassau..." (Box 3, Folder 3) Newman News. A folder containing Easter issues:1912, 1913. (Box 3, Folder 4)