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George Palmer Putnam Collection

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The George Palmer Putnam Collection contains correspondence, a scrapbook,
manuscripts, and artwork pertaining to George Palmer Putnam's publishing enterprise
from before the Civil War. There are approximately 1650 letters, 17 manuscripts, and
more than 50 artworks in the collection. The correspondence originally fell into five
distinct sections, four of which were organized alphabetically, and one randomly, in
scrapbooks. The first part was marked “Private,” although there is a mixture of
private and professional letters in it. The artwork depicts the writers of particular
letters and sometimes their homes as well. Fifteen of the manuscripts are drafts of
descriptive and anecdotal articles by various authors (still in part unidentified)
for Putnam's 1853 publication entitled Homes of American
Authors. There are letters by the authors represented in this publication
in the correspondence series.