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George Roden Civil War Letters to His Family

The collection consists of twenty-eight letters by George Roden, Jr., addressed to his family in Newark, N.J., dating from 28 August 1861 to 13 May 1864 and posted from different camps or battlegrounds in Virginia where his company in the 2nd New Jersey Infantry was stationed, such as Fair Oaks and Fairfax. The letters provide a valuable record of military life during the American Civil War by a soldier in the Union Army. George Roden, namesake of his father, addresses his parents as \Dear folks at home\; other letters are specifically addressed to his mother, to his brother, Hugh, or to his sisters, Lizzie, Rachel, and Agnes. In addition to providing detailed accounts about the movements of the \Rebels,\ Roden writes about battles he participated in, his superiors in the army, namely Gen. George B. McClellan, Gen. Phillip Kearney, and Capt. John Taylor; and about the scenery in different areas where he was stationed. He also writes about sending or receiving items or money from his family. A letter dated 26 January 1863 includes a small pen-and-ink drawing by Roden.