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Herbert Adams Gibbons Papers

Consists of papers of Gibbons from the periods when he was a foreign correspondent (1909-1916) in Greece, Spain, Turkey and other Near Eastern countries, a serviceman with the American Expeditionary Forces in France (1917-1918), and a correspondent (1920-1931) for various American magazines in Europe, the Orient, and Africa. Included are articles, dispatches, proofs for PARIS REBORN (1915), and interviews and reports concerned with World War I, U.S. foreign policy, French civilian relief, and European relations with the Near and Far East. Also included are material about Richard E. Byrd's transatlantic flight in 1927, photographs of France and Morocco, book reviews, pamphlet files, maps, documents, scrapbooks, and memorabilia. Correspondence includes letters from John G. Hibben, J. J. Jusserand, Alexander Souter, John J. Pershing, Margaret Deland, and Rodman and John Wanamaker. In addition, there are papers of Gibbons' wife, the author and journalist Helen Davenport Gibbons, including correspondence, proofs for PARIS VISTAS (1915), documents, photographs, and memorabilia.