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Historical Audiovisual Collection

This collection has been divided into 21 broad topics, however, two comprise over
half of the collection, having 500 items each: Music and
Lectures/Addresses/Forums/Debates. The musical material is composed of record albums
and magnetic tapes of performances by the Nassoons, the Princeton Tigertones,
Tigertown Five, The Triangle Club Jazz Band, undergraduate and graduate composers,
the Princeton University Orchestra, Glee Club, Chapel Choir, and the Smith-Princeton
Chamber Chorus, among others. The subject of Lectures/Addresses/Forums/Debates
category consists of health, politics, art, and archaeology, to name but some. The
Gauss Seminars and Colloquiums focus on literary critique.Among the other categories are Athletics (mostly football), Social Life,
War/Military, Interviews, Government, Field Studies, Judicial Hearings, Theater,
Alumni Group Tours/Trips, Campus, Entertainment/Documentary, Awards, and
Conferences/Meetings. Some notable items are an audio recording of Jimmy Stewart
singing in a Triangle Club production Spanish Blades,
“Year of the Tiger” 1965 basketball highlights, PBS's MacNeil-Lehrer New Hour feature on the Hubble Telescope and Dr. Lyman
Spitzer, “Looking Back: A Reflection of Black Alumni at Princeton” on the 150th
Anniversary of the University, and Toni Morrison speaking about Paradise and appearing on various television and news shows. Other items
of potential interest are the Celebrating Jewish-American Writer series, James Baker
III '52, Secretary of State, at Princeton in various news clips, and the Class of
1945's World War II Oral History Project. There are also several dedication
ceremonies of campus buildings; most are in audio format.