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Immanuel Velikovsky Papers

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The papers are voluminous: published and unpublished manuscripts with related
subject files, an autobiographical manuscript, lectures, personal and
professional correspondence, legal documents, works of others, 63 microfilm,
magnetic film reels, photographs, and miscellaneous papers including clippings
and magazine articles. Included are original signed letters from Albert
Einstein; several Velikovsky letters, manuscripts, and notes annotated by
Einstein; one original signed note card from Sigmund Freud; and a signed letter
from C. G. Jung and one from Eugen Bleuler. In addition, the collection contains
T. O. Thackrey's file of correspondence regarding Professor Harlow Shapley's
criticism of Worlds in Collision and of Velikovsky
himself, several folders of original letters from Horace Kallen, a large file of
correspondence primarily related to professional and scientific reactions to
Velikovsky's theories, and a number of offprints of early (1931-1937) Velikovsky