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John Van Antwerp MacMurray Papers

Consists of public and personal papers of MacMurray (Princeton Class of 1902) and his father, Junius Wilson MacMurray (1843-1898), but the collection primarily relates to MacMurray's diplomatic career as assistant secretary of state (1924-1925), minister to China (1925-1929) and Turkey (1936-1942), chairman (1937-1938) of the Joint Preparatory Committee on Philippine Affairs, and chairman (1933-1938) of the International Wheat Advisory Committee. Included are MacMurray's correspondence and related papers concerning State Dept. activities and foreign affairs in general: accounts and ledgers (1931-1960), diaries (1889-1958), articles, speeches, lectures, manuscripts for his report TREATIES AND AGREEMENTS WITH AND CONCERNING CHINA, 1894-1919 (1921), printed materials, photographs of family, friends, and officials, scenic photographs and motion picture films of countries visited, and supplementary papers (1905-1922) relating to China, Japan, and East Asian affairs. Family records contain a few items from the 1715 to 1860 period, Junius MacMurray's military reports and correspondence during and after the Civil War, diaries (1863-1884), and articles (1883-1898); there are also genealogies, photographs, and other family memorabilia of Missouri and New York.