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Marshall Curtis Brown Collection

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The collection consists chiefly of correspondence of Marshall Brown with members of his family while he was on the battlefield in World War I. Included are thirty-two letters, original and copies, written while Brown was fighting the Germans in the trenches in Belgium, describing his experience during the war. Brown's material also includes two manuscript maps of the battlefield at Ypres, Belgium, a typescript titled \Tour of the Battlefields of Ypres and the Somme with Marshall - 1928,\ a map of France titled \The Tide of Battle on the Western Front,\ and a list of prices for the \Officers' Camp & Field Equipment\. There are also two photographs: one of Brown and the 15th Battallion dated July 29, 1915, and another of an ambulance named in Brown's memory. The latter was sent to Marshall's father, Curtis Brown, on June 25, 1942.