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McCarter Theatre Records

The McCarter Theatre records document the history of the McCarter Theatre, including administration, performances and productions, and the building itself. Documents related to productions include annotated scripts, programs, set and costume designs, drafts, sheet music, photographs of performances, and promotional material. Documents related to McCarter Theatre administration include memoranda, correspondence, reports, and financial material. Blueprints, plans, reports, and photographs document the construction and maintenance of the building. Also included are numerous documents related to the Lake Carnegie construction project. The records cover the administrations of Benjamin Franklin Bunn, Richard Pleasant and Isadora Bennett, Milton Lyon, Marguerite McAneny, Arthur Lithgow, Louis Criss, Michael Kahn, and Nagle Jackson. Also included are records of events presented at the theater, such as Music-at-McCarter, Princeton University Concerts, and Dance-at-McCarter.