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Office of Dean of the Faculty Records

The Princeton University Office of the Dean of the Faculty Records consists of the files of the dean, the office's staff, as well as the faculty. In addition to the office's subject files, the collection holds the records of the faculty meetings, faculty and University committees, and the personnel files of faculty, senior staff, and trustees.Series 1 (Faculty Meetings and Minutes) and most of Series 3 (Committees of the Faculty and the University) were actually created by the faculty and its designees (the secretary of the faculty for series 1 and the secretaries or chairs of committees, for series 3), not by the Office of the Dean of the Faculty. The dean's office does, however, lend office support to the faculty and maintains these records before they are transferred to the University Archives.The remaining series consist of files were created by the dean's office for its own use. These series are particularly appropriate for research into the benefits and regulations concerning the faculty and professional staffs, faculty and department schedules and statistics, details about individual trustees and faculty and staff members, special academic programs and circumstances (such as teaching during wartime), cooperation between academic departments and with other universities, and the role of the dean of the faculty in the administration of the University.Please see series descriptions in the contents list for additional information about individual series.