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Paul D. Tillett, Jr. Papers

The papers of Paul D. Tillett, Jr. largely relate to his study, “The Social Costs of the Loyalty Programs.” The most significant part of this collection is the responses to questionnaires Tillett sent to academic professionals and a few federal employees in 1964, who were adversely affected by official inquiries into Communist activities during the 1950s. The questionnaire was designed to evaluate the long-term financial and psychological consequences of the anti-Communist crusade. Also included are interviews with several people including Professor Horace David and Herman Orentlicher of the American Association of University Professors. The rest of the material in the collection is largely correspondence, notes, articles, press releases and case studies. Tillett relied heavily upon the ACLU Archives for much of his research. Because the ACLU Archives are housed at Princeton, photoduplicates from that collection have been discarded.