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Philip Wylie Papers

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The collection consists of manuscripts and correspondence representing the life work of Wylie (Princeton Class of 1924), ranging from his Dormitory Ditties, published during his college days (circa 1920), to The End of the Dream, a novel published posthumously in 1972. All of his works, including 34 novels, 13 nonfiction books, 52 scripts, 13 serials, and many short stories and articles, exist in the collection in typescript form, often with holograph corrections. Among the longer works are The Disappearance, Images of God (unpublished), Generation of Vipers, When Worlds Collide, The Magic Animal, and Island of Lost Souls. There are articles relating to education, morality, ecology, fishing, civil defense, the atom bomb, and other social issues of concern to the people of Dade County, Fla., where Wylie made his home. His popular \Crunch and Des\ stories about two Florida fishermen, as well as his syndicated column, \Off My Chest,\ are also included.

Correspondence is extensive, including letters of Edwin Balmer, Aldous Huxley, Carl Jung, Robert Lindner, Konrad Lorenz, Harold Ober, the Wylie family, and many letters from friends, family, editors, businessmen, scientists, psychologists, and minor literary contemporaries. Also present is a large amount of fan mail (1930-1971); material on the Lerner Marine Laboratory (Bahamas), on whose steering committee Wylie served; autobiographical material; records of the International Game Fish Association; book reviews; speeches; poetry; photographs; various documents; magazines in which his works appeared; clippings; and non-print media, including records, tapes, TV films, and home movies. Papers of other persons include the manuscript of Lester Del Rey's Nerves, several manuscripts by Max Wylie and Karen Wylie Pryor, and short works by Sidney Fox, Robert Lindner, and Leo Szilard. In addition, there are papers of Frederica Wylie containing correspondence, bank statements, documents, printed matter, and papers of others from 1971 to 1981.