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Robert K. Massie IV Papers

Massie's papers document his research on South Africa and anti-apartheid movements and include reports, articles, interview notes, and surveys. The papers include files on the activism and involvement in South Africa of activist organizations (notably the American Committee on Africa, the Investor Responsibility Research Center, the South African Institute of Race Relations, and Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit), churches (notably the Episcopalian Church and United Church of Christ), financial institutions, corporations, and universities (notably Columbia University and Harvard University). Much of the material is concerned with investment decisions, especially of pension funds and endowments, regarding companies operating in South Africa, and also concerns broader efforts to end apartheid and studies of conditions and events in South Africa. The majority of the papers are reports, publications, and policy statements of the organizations and their financial committees, mailings to their members, and newspaper and magazine articles about the organizations. Other papers include Massie's notes from interviews he conducted with leaders in the organziations and with public figures in the United States and South Africa regarding apartheid, surveys the organizations filled out for the Investor Responsibility Research Center regarding their investment practices, U.S. government publications on United States's foreign policy towards South Africa, reports on South Africa's race relations and foreign policy, and notes or drafts for chapters from Massie's book Loosing the Bonds: The United States and South Africa in the Apartheid Years (1997).