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Rudolf-Ernest Brünnow Papers

Consists of notes, photographs, inscriptions, tables, and descriptions by Brünnow, Princeton professor of Semitics post-1910, in Greek, Latin, German, French, Turkish, Assyrian, and English. The collection contains six volumes of descriptions of Roman monuments, two volumes of historical inscriptions, three volumes of chronological tables of the Roman period (AD 312-AD 640), ten volumes of photographs and description of sites in Arabia, used in the preparation of Die Provincia Arabia auf Grund Zweier in den Jahren 1897 und 1898... (1904-1909) by Brünnow and Alfred v. Domasweski, fourteen volumes of notes and quotations concerning Syria and Persia, and five volumes of notes taken when he was a student at Strasbourg in 1876-1878. There are miscellaneous single volumes including a dictionary of Assyrian ideographs, a geographic index of northern Syria, Phoenician inscriptions, a Middle Eastern time-line (800 B.C. - 200 A.D.), and a bibliography of the geography of Palestine. Also present is a small group of letters (1909-1914) in Arabic to Brünnow from Markus al Batarsi mostly concerning social life at the end of the Ottoman Empire.A concomitant series consists of a group of approximately 850 photographs (formerly in 14 volumes) by the French photographer Felix Bonfils (1831-1885) and his firm of the Levant (\Die Provencia Arabia\), including Lebanon, Jerusalem, Damascus, Greece, Baalbek, and the Dead Sea area. [For more on this section, see the record for Bonfils photographs.]