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Theodore Roosevelt Family Letters to the Russell Family

The majority of the Theodore Roosevelt Family Letters to the Russell Family collection consists of personal letters written by Theodore Roosevelt and members of his family to Gordon M. Russell. The correspondents include Theodore Roosevelt, Ethel Carow Roosevelt (Roosevelt's wife), Kermit Roosevelt (Roosevelt's son), and Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. (Roosevelt's son). In this correspondence, the Roosevelts express their appreciation for letters received, offer invitations to Russell to visit, discuss upcoming travel and marriage plans of the Roosevelt family, and offer condolences upon the death of Russell's father. Also included are two letters of recommendation that Theodore Roosevelt wrote for Russell.The collection also contains correspondence from Theodore Roosevelt to Russell's father, Reverend Alexander G. Russell, a Presbyterian pastor. Most of this correspondence consists of pleasantries to a friend, thanking him for letters received and sending him well wishes, and also includes comments about Roosevelt's donations to his church, invitations to political events, and an 1881 letter in which Roosevelt included a few sentences on why he entered politics. Also included in the collection are a speech by Theodore Roosevelt on the importance of knowledge of the Bible for good citizenship, a poem entitled \The Norman Baron's Prayer\ by Matthew Hern, invitations to Gordon M. Russell to attend the weddings of Theodore Roosevelt's children, and a newspaper article on the history of the name MacGregor.