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W. Willard Wirtz Collection on Adlai Stevenson

The W. Willard Wirtz Collection on Adlai Stevenson documents Stevenson’s 1952 and 1956 presidential campaigns, as well as Stevenson’s other political activities through 1960. Because Wirtz was a speechwriter in 1952, in charge of speech content in 1956, and a close advisor and occasional speechwriter at other times, this collection documents most strongly the campaign activities of drafting speeches and fine-tuning policy statements.Speeches and drafts form the bulk of the collection, although campaign memoranda, correspondence, and reports may also be found here. In addition, Wirtz collected correspondence, clippings, and programs covering Stevenson’s death and legacy, including the establishment and administration of the Adlai Stevenson Institute. A miscellaneous folder of Wirtz’s wife Mary Jane’s personal correspondence (unrelated to Stevenson) has been placed at the very end of the collection.When Wirtz donated his collection to Mudd Library, he wrote a lengthy memorandum detailing the contents of this collection and, in many cases, the historical context as he remembered it. This is recommended reading for any researchers studying Stevenson’s campaign and this collection in particular. It is located in box 1, folder 1.