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Instructions for Searching Photographers’ Names

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The photographers listed below are responsible for some of the photographs contained in the Historical Photograph Collection's Campus Life and Grounds & Buildings Series, insofar as the creators of these photographs can be identified.

Most photographers listed are represented with only a few photographs.

With the exception of John W. H. Simpson, Alan W. Richards, and E. G. Kopp, the Archives does not hold the collected works of these photographers, just individual Princeton-related photographs organized by size and subject, nor, for those interested in securing copyright, do we have contact information for any of these individuals or organizations.

Descriptions of these photographs can be called up by entering the names that appear below in the "Photographer" field of the Historical Photograph Collection online database. By using only the last name of a photographer or the shortest version of a corporate name, your search will be facilitated. Thus, rather than entering the entire name "Orren Jack Turner," use only "Turner." Likewise, use the term "Wide World" to retrieve descriptions of photographs created by:

Wide World
Wide World Photo
Wide World Photos
Wide World Photos, Inc.
Wide World Pictures

Please note that repetition exists in the following list because of the different forms in which the names of photographers appear on the back of their photographs. These differences may reflect historical name changes, variations in names, or common names (nicknames in the case of individuals) used in place of formal names. Names of individuals are listed alphabetically by last name.

Photographers’ Names


Ackad (Washington)
Acme News
Acme Newspictures, Inc.
Acme Photographs
Acme Photos
Acme Telephoto
Action Sports
Adams Studio
Aero Service Corp.
Aero Services Corp.
Aerograph Services (Phila.)
G. B. Agnew [George B. Agnew (Cl. 1891)]
American Press Association
Richard K. Anderson, Jr. (Cl. 1973)
William C. Aplin
Denise Applewhite
John H. Archer (Cl. 1935)
Associated Photo Co.
Associated Press Photo
Associated Press Wire Photo


Eric J. Baker
Eric J. Baker (Contractor’s Photo Service)
Baltimore News Port Photo
David C. Beaty (Cl. 1950)
George E. Beggs, Jr. (Cl. 1938)
Begyn Studios
Bryan Bell (Cl. 1941)
Marie E. Bellis
Benjamin Studio Grand
Black and White Studio
John Blazejewski
Everett Bond
Margaret Bourke-White (Life Photo)
S. A. Boyer
Charles H. Breed (Cl. 1899)
Sergio Bronotto
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Lt. Carl V. Brouillette
Brown Brothers
Ralph W. Brown
Brown’s Photo Service
Buffalo-Courier Express
Burr McIntosh Studio
George Bushell (Henley-on-Thames)


Camera Club of Columbia University
Canadian News Reel Still & Moving Pictures (Montreal)
Central News Photo Service
Century Flashlight Photographers (NYC)
Henry Chachowski
Samuel Chamberlain
Chicago Daily News
Chicago Photographers
John Hartford (Chid) Chidester (Cl. 1899)
George Chimples (Cl. 1951)
Clearose Studio
Nat Clymer
College Photographer (Philadelphia)
D. Coyle
George Cserna
Culver Services
Cushing-Gellatly, Boston


Martin D’Arcy (Trenton Times)
Carl J. Dahlman (Cl. 1972)
Daily News
Daily Princetonian
Eileen Darby, Graphic House, Inc. (NYC)
Darkroom (Maria Williams)
Martin B. Dassa
George H. Davis Studio
J. B. De Graw (Cl. 1932)
Florian de Norde
Detroit Photographic Co.
Miss Dolly Dey (Princeton)
R. Dimaggio
Harry C. Dorer
J. L. Dougherty
Louis H. Dreyer
John Drysdale
John Drysdale (Keystone)


Richard C. Edwards
Dwight Lathrop Elmendorf (Cl. 1882)
Aymar Embury, II, Architect [Aymar Embury, Jr. (Cl. 1900)]
Empire Photographers
Evening Bulletin (Philadelphia)


Fairchild Aerial Services, Inc.
Falk Photo
Andreas Feininger
Dick Fennelly
Stockholm Ferdflodin
Clem Fiori
Florida News & Photo Service
Foster Studio
John M. Fox
Allen Fraser
Larry French
Frisco, Public Relations Dept.
Don Fugitt Studio



Charles E. Gallagher (Cl. 1949) (Princeton Photo Service)
Walter J. Gamble (Cl. 1953)
Garrison [Maynard Garrison, Jr. (Cl. 1950)]
Richard Garrison
Roger Geffen (Cl. 1940)
Alexander Georges
Donald R. Gibbons (Cl. 1929)
Gilbert and Bacon, Philadelphia
Gilbert Photo Co.
Gilbert’s Studio, Philadelphia
Globe News Pictures
Government Information Service
Graphic House
A. Lee Grover
Henry C. Grover Studios


Randall Hagadorn
William Hall (Cl. 1947)
W. L. Hamilton
J. H. Hare
Harris & Ewing
Harrisburg Evening News
Erich Hartmann
Harvery Studios Ltd.
Hauger & Dorf (Toledo, OH)
Edward Hein
Heinz RNE Photographer
Erskine Hewitt (Cl. 1891)
John E. Hood
Hope [1865]
Frederick (Fred) H. Howell (Cl. 1935)
William R. Howell
Paul Huegel
James B. (Jim) Hunt (Cl. 1902)


International News Photo
International News Photos
International News Photos, Inc.
International Newsreel
International Newsreel Corp.
International Newsreel Photo
Wm. Ironson (International Film Service)


J. V. D. B.
W. H. Jackson & Co.
W. H. Jackson & Co. (Denver)
Frank Jacobs (Seattle)
Ivan Johnson
W. C. Johnson
Johnston Bros.
Landon Y. (Laney) Jones (Cl. 1966)
Peter A. Juley & Son
John (Jack) Justis (Cl. 1904)
Juxtapose Gallery


Frank Kane
Lawrence V. Kanevsky
Kaufmann & Fabry Co.
John C. Kerr (Cl. 1896)
Keuffel & Esser Co.
Keystone View Co., Inc.
George E. Kidder Studio
King-Weese Studios
Klander Photo
Scott L. Koch
Kopp & Rose
E. G. Kopp
KP [Kenyon Parsons?]
Samuel Kravitt
Ralph Krubner


Bob Lackenbach (Cal-Pictures)
Phil Lacy (Columbia)
Charles T. Langer, Trenton Times
David M. Lawrence (Cl. 1965)
Russell Leake
James A. Lebenthal (Cl. 1949) (Princeton Photo Service)
Leigh Photographs
Francis A. Leigh
Life (Kauffmann & Walker)
O. Winston Link
Delmar Lipp
Robin M. Lloyd (Cl. 1973)
E. W. Luginbuhl
E. W. Luginbuhl (New York Times)



David Magie, Jr. (Cl. 1897)
Steven Marinuzzi (Trenton, NJ)
Robert P. (Bob) Matthews
Mayhew [John M. Mayhew (Cl. 1892)]
W. E. McBath
Mark Melnicove (Cl. 1973)
Elizabeth G. C. Menzies
Metro News Photo (Chicago, IL)
Ann Meuer
Mile High Photo Co.
Rudolph Millen
Donald Grant Mitchell
David T. Moldenhauer (Cl. 1981)
Cliff Moore
Robert A. Moosmann (Cl. 1932)
John Moran (Philadelphia)
Jonathan T. Morey (Cl. 1938)
Don Morgan
Moss Photo
Robert M. Mottar


N.Y.H. Service
NBC Photo
Neuman Studio (Fort Wayne, IN)
New York Herald
New York Times
New York Zoological Society
Newark News Photo
Notman & Campbell
Notman Photo Montreal
William Notman
Nott & Merrill


O’Conner & Kilham (Architect)
Official Netherlands Photo


Pach Bros.
G. W. Pach
Pacific & Atlantic Photos
Palmer Physical Laboratory
Pan American – Atlantic Division
Paramount Pictures
Paul Parker
Kenyon (Ken) Parsons (Cl. 1925)
A. Patzig
G. Arvid Peterson
George Peterson
George A. Peterson (Cl. 1965)
Phillips Studio (Philadelphia)
Photo Art Co.
Photo Group
Photo Science Service (Cornell)
Photography Unlimited
Pictorial News
Pictorial News Co. (New York)
William C. (Bill) Pierce (Cl. 1957)
PIX, Inc.
Elton Pope-Lance
John Pratt
John Pratt (Keystone Press Agency)
Press Association, Inc.
Sid Prestwick (Star-Ledger)
Princeton Alumni Weekly (PAW)
Princeton Packet
Princeton Photo Service
Princeton Studio
Providence Journal Co.


Frederick Quellmalz (Cl. 1934)
Frederick Quellmalz (Cl. 1934) (Students Photo Service)


Wells Raney
Gerald Reese
Will J. Reid, Jr. (Pittsburgh, PA)
Reni News Photo Service
Reni Photos
Lawrence B. Rentschler (Cl. 1932)
Alan W. Richards [1940s-1960s]
Frederick DeBourg Richards
Laurie Ridley
Rose & Sons
Royal H. Rose
Edward W. Rothe (Cl. 1948)
Russell Zito Studio


Alvaro Samura
J. H. Schaefer, & Son
Schlesinger Studio (NYC)
Schmitt Bros.
Schrader’s Photo Shop (Trenton, NJ)
Dick Schubert
Dick Schubert (Francis Leigh)
Dick Schubert (Leigh Photo)
Seaver Photo
J. Philip Shambaugh, Jr. (Cl. 1961)
H. Earle Shull, Jr.
C. Silvester
Simmel & Chimples
Gerhard F. Simmel (Cl. 1951)
Montgomery P. Simons
John W. H. Simpson (Cl. 1966)
Skyphotos (Philadelphia)
Bob Smith (Journal-Gazette)
G. E. Kidder Smith
Richard Averill Smith
Mehrink H. Sohr
A. F. Sozio
Speaight Limited (NYC)
Sport & General (London)
Sport and General Press Agency
Squirrel Ashcraft
Standard Flashlight Co.
W. Starks
Willard Starks
N. L. Stebbins
Hugo Steccati and Dean Stone
Joseph Janney Steinmetz
Steltzer Photo
Roy Stevens
S. Stokes
Dean Stone and Hugo Steccati
Cecil W. Stoughton
C. R. Stroup
W. J. Stuber
Student Photograph Agency
Students Photo Service
Studio 17
Swann Studio


Morton Tadder (Baltimore)
Robert S. Taylor
Paul Thompson
Three Lions
George O. Timanus (Cl. 1935)
Time Photo Service
Stanley Toogood
Orren Jack Turner


Underwood & Underwood
United Press International
United Press Photo
United Press Telephoto
United States Army
United States Army Photo – Johnson
United States Army Photographer
United States Army Signal Corps
United States Marine Corps
United States Marines Photo
United States Navy
United States Navy Official Photo
United States Navy Photo
United States Navy, J. Dale Phan


Van Oeyen and Miller
George Van
Carl Von Nordheim


David M. Ward
George Warren
Washington Post (M. West)
Bill Wasson (Cal-Pictures)
Maurice R. Watson
Richard L. Wechsler (Cl. 1968)
Richard F. Weeks (Cl. 1954)
Richard J. Weghorn (Cl. 1950) (Princeton Photo Service)
Western Newspaper Union
White (NYC)
White Studio
White Studios
Robert van C. Whitehead, Jr. (Cl. 1931)
William C. (Bill) Whitman (Cl. 1971)
Wide World
Wide World Photo
Wide World Photos
Wide World Photos, Inc.
Wide World Pictures
E. T. Wiggins (Coronet Photos)
J. Wayman Williams, Jr. (Cl. 1947)
Lawrence S. Williams, Inc.
Maria Williams Studio (Princeton) [See also: Darkroom]
Charles S. Withington (Cl. 1863)
Richard C. Wood
Wootten-Moulton Photographers
World Wide Photo
World Wide Photos
Albert Wyndham


Zoological Society of Philadelphia