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The Library's exhibition program includes site-based and online exhibitions. For online, see those listed in the array of links below. Site-based include: 1) the Cotsen gallery, 2) the Firestone lobby, 3) the main Firestone gallery, 4) Mudd Library, and 5) small, display case exhibitions at such libraries as the Marquand Art Library. The Cotsen Children's Library includes 'Bookscape' and some changing exhibition cases focused on children's books. At Mudd, materials from the collections are displayed in various lobby cases, in online galleries, and in the exhibition gallery of the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library at 65 Olden Street. All exhibitions are free and most are open to the general public. After several years under renovation, the Firestone main exhibition gallery opened in March 2019:  The Ellen and Leonard Milberg Gallery.