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Manuscripts Division
Firestone Library
One Washington Road
Princeton, NJ 08540

The Kienbuch Angling Collection (C0245) houses more than 100 bound manuscripts and five boxes of manuscript material. The collection consists of manuscripts and letters relating to the history and method of angling collected by Kienbusch (Princeton Class of 1906). These range from "The Art of Angling" (circa 1651) by Thomas Barker to Edward Hewitt's "Articles on Fish and Fishing" (1947). Most of the works are by 19th-century English authors, with some by 20th-century Americans. Included are Joseph Crawhall's "The Compleatest Angling Book" (1881), Biblioteca Piscatoria by William Harrison, Fishless Days (1954) by Alfred W. Miller, Memoirs of Eminent Sportsment by Frederick Pond, and The Natural History of Cornish Fishes (1884) by Jonathan Couch.

There is correspondence of George E. M. Skues, Edward Boies, Louis Bougle, Theodore Gordon, Charles Goodspeed, as well as Kienbusch's autograph album with letters by Grover Cleveland, Calvin Coolidge, Henry van Dyke, Rudyard Kipling, Daniel Webster, and others. Also present are fishing diaries (1861-1887) of Alfred Denison, Gilliat Hatfield (1841-1845), and Kienbusch (1954-1965), and records of the Massachusetts Fish and Game Protective Association (1874-1949). Miscellaneous material includes letters, bookplates, photographs, clippings, fishing club newsletters, and a box of reels and tied flies.

A further addition includes correspondence of Irving Bachellor, E. A. Barton, C. F. Beatty, Charles Goodspeed, E. W. Gudger, Henry Thorpe, and Rosa E. Westwood, chiefly regarding fishing publications, and photographs of inscribed Ottoman Turkish armor.