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Historical Chinese-language Children’s Literature at the Cotsen Children’s Library

普林斯顿大学寇岑儿童图书馆的中文馆藏简介 The Cotsen Children’s Library at Princeton University holds a historical and international research collection of children’s books and materials in over thirty languages, including more than 45,000 items of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese cu

Dissertations in Dataspace policy temporarily changed

The Graduate School’s policy of having dissertations submitted into DataSpace, the University’s Open Access repository, has been changed temporarily, pending resolution of some outstanding questions.

Stanley Kunitz: A Poet’s Life

“My dismay at the clutter on my desk is offset by my zest for the hunt among my papers.  At an age when I should be putting my house in order, I keep accumulating bits of information, not for any …

Scholarship Available for Graduate Students

The Council of the Friends of the Princeton University Library invites students enrolled in all departments of Princeton University's Graduate School to compete for the Prize for Outstanding Scholarship by a Graduate Student.

The Early Press in New Mexico

Lista de los Ciudadanos que Deberan Componer los Jurados de Imprenta, Formada por el Ayuntamiento de esta Capital, Santa Fe, 1834. Gift of J. M. Thorington, Class of 1915.

Additional ACLU Collections Available

3 additional ACLU finding aids have become available online and open for public research.

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Western Americana in the Classroom and Beyond

Dur­ing the fall term of 2011, Pro­fes­sor Martha Sandweiss, His­tory Depart­ment, and Brian Just, Art Museum Cura­tor of the Art of the Ancient Amer­i­cas, co-taught a course enti­tled “Arti­facts, Images, and His­tory: The Amer­i­can South­west.” The course explored Nat

Western Americana in the Classroom and Beyond

 During the fall term of 2011, Professor Martha Sandweiss, History Department, and Brian Just, Art Museum Curator of the Art of the Ancient Americas, co-taught a course entitled “Artifacts, Images, and History: The American Southwest.” The course explored Native arts …

American Civil Liberties Union Records: First New Series Available

Researchers can start using the new American Civil Liberties Union Records ahead of schedule! Series 1: Organizational Matters is now open for research use.


               Two items in our Peter J.

Formerly owned by Sir Hans Sloane

Earlier today researchers with the Sloane Printed Books Project confirmed that the Princeton copy of G. Lockhart, Memoirs concerning the Affairs of Scotland (London, 1714; call number RCPXR 14825.592.11) is from his library.

Milberg Exhibition Gallery: Capping Liberty

When the founders of the American Republic declared independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776, one of the major tasks they took on was the cre­ation of a coinage for the new nation.

Monogram binding stamp: ER with coronet: Comte Roger du Nord (1803-1881)

Roger, Édouard Léon, comte Roger du Nord, 1803-1881, diplomat, senator. His books auctioned: Catalogue des livres rares et précieux composant la bibliothèque de feu M. le comte Roger (du Nord) (Paris: Ch.

Supralibros of Jeanne Baptiste d’Albert de Luynes, comtesse de Verrue (1670-1736)

Her arms stamped on the covers of: François Parfaict (1698-1753) Histoire du théâtre françois depuis son origine jusqu’à présent.

Princeton’s African American Honorary Degree Recipients: Activists and Public Servants

Since 1748, Princeton has awarded honorary degrees to individuals who had made significant contributions in various sectors of society including religion, academics, arts and culture, politics, science, military, and finance, among other fields.